First Baptist Church Quitman
Friday, January 24, 2020
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Pastor Search Committee

Pastor Search Committee Report

Back in August of 2017, you, the church, chose 9 people to serve as the Pastor Search Committee to seek God’s guidance in finding the next Pastor of First Baptist Church of Quitman. Our first meeting was on August 27, 2017. Since that date we’ve met practically every week praying and seeking God’s man for the task of leading FBCQ as Pastor. I want to thank the committee for the work they have done seeking the Lord’s guidance in the task assigned to us.


During the past 7 months we’ve gathered and studied resumes and as we’ve performed this task we have constantly been led to the  candidate we are presenting today, who is Steve Shierling. Steve has so faithfully served as Acting Church Administrator and preached for us most every Sunday since the departure of Pastor Chris in August. We believe that he has done an exceptionally good job in leading during this interim period and feel that it is God’s will that he be given the opportunity to become the next Pastor of First Baptist Church of Quitman.


Your committee has made every effort to follow proper procedures in seeking God’s man for this job. On Monday, February 26th, our committee met with Steve and Tami at Austin’s Steak House in Valdosta for an in-depth interview. We were very pleased with the             answers to the questions that we presented to the candidate and his wife. After the interview, we followed appropriate procedures in checking references, credit and background reports. All reports were very positive.


One of the main reasons we are recommending Steve as pastor is he is a true man of God with a servant’s heart which is evidenced by his actions. He humbly ministers to the members of our church as well as our community. He is always eager to do whatever needs to  be done physically and spiritually.


The committee is excited to see what direction our church will go under his leadership. We believe that if we join him in trying to reach people in our community, we can once again see our sanctuary being filled with people seeking to worship and follow our Savior.


Since Steve has been preaching for us for some 7 months, it is not necessary that he preach a trial sermon. However, according to the church’s by-laws, it is necessary that we announce a called business meeting in which we will officially present him for church action. We have received the approval from the deacons to have that called business meeting following the morning worship service on Sunday, April 15th. The appropriate announcements of this meeting will be made in church services for the next two Sundays and on Wednesdays and published in the church newsletter. In compliance with the by-laws the vote will be by secret ballot. Absentee ballots will be available for people who will not be able to attend on April 15th.


John Stalvey, Chairman

Allen Wheeler, Vice Chairman

Glenn Adkins

James Bradford

Tanja Dukes

Sibby Heard

Dee Dee Peek

Buford Smith

Fran Wisenbaker