First Baptist Church Quitman
Friday, May 24, 2019
Sharing Christ Serving Our Community

(c) 2009 November Mission Trip

Team Members: Barbara Waldron, Lee Newell, Carol and Chandra Jones, Ken Downing
2009 November Mission Trip:
Traveling seven hours over the Andes Mountains will never grow old. It is an amazing journey. Within the first hour, Lee Newell, sitting in the front seat with the driver and translator, began to witness to the driver. We were praying as he clearly shared the plan of salvation with our unsaved (at the time) driver. What a way to get started!
We were extremely grateful to Rolando Canazas for letting us stay in a rented house of his. There were five ladies in his
Church who had agreed to work alongside of us for the week. What a blessing! When we arrived we had worship services
in the house. On Monday we began meeting and praying with all the authorities. We received tours of the schools and the
municipality building. We started that evening taking family photos, and ended up with about 70 children coming for activities
that were to start the next evening. "Be Flexible" is a motto of mission work, we played games and showed them a movie
that just happened to be in the sound system box. (God knew)
We were able to visit a school each morning for 4 days and present Bible story skits, sing songs, present a dental program,
give toothbrushes provided by Jim, a friend of Laura Daughtry, and take class photos. We also gave out tickets with
information on the activities going on during the week. One school was very small and extremely poor, called La Libertad.
There we did everything we could get in, puppets, balloons, songs, skits, Bible stories, dental program, games, and took
individual photos of the students.
On Friday we traveled to a village up the mountain and were met by over 300 people waiting for us (no advertising had
been done except for the Mayor of the small village spreading the word). We had a huge festival and it was a humbling
experience to find out that many had walked for 4 hours over and down the mountain to get to the village to see us.
We just pray they saw Jesus in us. We plan to revisit this village on a future trip and hopefully get a church started there.
Saturday morning we visited an Orphanage where we did the same program that was done for the small poorer school, of La Libertad.
On Saturday afternoon, the Family festival began. Children shouted out answers to what the parts of the Armor of God
were and what the colors of the Salvation bracelets meant. These were things they had learned during the week. We were
blessed to have the clown group from the Christian Alliance Church,Huancayo to perform. After games and songs they were given a salvation bracelet and balloons as they left and we got ready for the teenagers and adults to come in, to see the Jesus film.
What an experience! Many prayed with Rolando after the movie and he and other church members will follow-up on these.
They were all given a New Testament as they left. We were asked by the church to attend worship on Sunday morning as
they wanted to present gifts to us. But mainly, they wanted us to pray for their building project. We gathered at the front of the unfinished church, where the front doors will be and prayed for them.  We arrived back in Lima late and had to be at the airport at 4:00 a.m. for our flight home.
God is so Good, all the time and all the time God is Good!

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