First Baptist Church Quitman
Friday, May 24, 2019
Sharing Christ Serving Our Community

(e) 2010 July Mission Trip

Team Members:  Barbara Waldron, Louie & Cathy Williford, Lauren Rowe,  Chip Carroll And Brantley Wheeler 
We are continuing to build relationships with the people of Huachac, Peru. We have been collecting eyeglasses for some time and Ricky Rowe has taken them, and had them cleaned and graded. His daughter Lauren who is studying to be an optometrist went on this trip. Our big project was to hold eye clinics, to help people, not only see with their physical eyes but with their spiritual eyes also. We held clinics in a community soup kitchen, the municipal building, Antapampa Community center, and in Marcatuna, as well as in homes. We took the opportunity to share testimonies while people waited and shared the Gospel using the Gospel Cube. We gave out over 100 pairs of glasses and 124 Bibles.   Instead of reading an eye chart, they read Bible verses. It was so exciting to see the smiles come on their faces when they put a pair of glasses on and was able to see and the first thing they read was Scripture.  We took school photos at 5 different schools and painted a huge playground map of Peru on the playground in Antapampa school and the square in Huachac.   We held three nights of Adult Bible Studies and Movie nights for the children. We held a volleyball tournament, and gave prizes to all participants and trophies to the winners. 35 people prayed for salvation. Of course we know that many will pray because they think that is what we want them to do and they want to please us. We have tried very hard to express to them that this is a very important decision and not to just go through the motions because they are trying to please us. We want them to know what they are doing and be sincere.  The members of the Christian Alliance Church and Rolando will follow us with the ones making some kind of decisions. While we were holding an eye clinic in a home, the neighbors came and got us to go to their house and pray for the father and grandfather of the house. He was dying. This was such a humbling experience.  Thanks be to God that he is calling people of FBC to minister and be a part of the Global responsiblity to take Jesus to indiginous people of Peru.  Thanks you Jesus, that you are using the people of Huachac to be such a blessing to us.   

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