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Friday, May 24, 2019
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(g) 2011 June mission trip

June 5-13 2011
Team: Janet & Mark Devane, Cathy Williford, Barbara Waldron
(members of Christ to the Nations Church- Pilar & Pilee)
Children at Antapama had asked on the previous trip, If we would come back and teach them English.
That was one of our main focuses on this trip. We actually stayed in the community center, next to the Antapampa School. The teachers gave us the entire school day to teach English. Carmen the director of the school, is a Christian, and we were able to teach Bible Stories as well as English.  One day the teachers had a meeting in Hunacayo so we had the kids by ourselves, it was great.  three days the mothers came and worked hard moving a huge plie of rocks and dirt from the play area.  On Friday the children presented a program to their parents of what that had learned during the week.   We worked with the Wanka/Quechua ministry giving out materials & Bibles in the Quechua language. Many of the older people still use this language and are able to understand the Bible in that language better than in Spanish. We showed the Jesus film in Quechua in Huachac and Antapampa. We also showed the Jesus Film for children to the kids at Antapampa. You always need to be prepared, as we well found out, when the sound did not work when showing the movie to the children. No problem, I just narrated it. 11 people professed Jesus as their Saviour after the showing of the Jesus film. Rolando will follow up with these.
Mark had the opportunity to share his testimony on 3 different occasions. We hosted the second annual volleyball tournament in Huachac, and had several teams to participate.  We shared the plan of Salvation using the Salvation Volleyball.   The winners recieved t-shirts and everyone got gifts of toys, school supplies, fruit and hats.   We held a balloon workshop for about 60 ladies at the First Baptist Church of Huancayo.  Mark shared his testimony at that time and it was alot of fun, sharing, teaching and just hanging out with these ladies.   We had numerous witnessing opportunities and visited with area schools. 
We had stopped by the church in La Oroya on the way over the mountain to give them a case of Bibles, on the way back we stopped by and left hats and clothes that we had left over from the trip. They were very appreciative.
We arrived back in Lima on Sunday, and attended church with Pilar and Pili at the Christ to the Nations church,  Mark was asked to share his testimony.  We went out to dinner with the Pastor and his family along with our new friends.  later that night church members took us to the airport.  God has allowed us to partner with some wonderful churches and ministry groups.  To God be the Glory!!!!

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