First Baptist Church Quitman
Tuesday, July 16, 2019
Sharing Christ Serving Our Community

(i) 2011 November mission trip

November 21- December 2
Team: Barbara Waldron
At first I was a little discouraged, that no one had signed up to go on this mission trip. I knew that as a church we had made a commitment and if I had to go alone then there was a reason.    Why should I ever be discouraged when I know I am doing what God has called me to do. There was a lot of logistical things that I needed to take care of, that would not require additional team members. Things I needed to take care of but would not have taken the time to do it, if others had been on the trip. I have this thing about ‘everyone’ being busy.   Because of the honor the Mayor had bestowed on us , during the last trip, Curtis Pickels, Mayor of Quitman, had a plaque made, of the Key to the City of Quitman, for the Mayor of Hauchac and a proclamation of Nov. 8 as Hauchac Day in Quitman. He was overwhelmed and we talked extensively about our two cities and I told him all about Curtis and his support of this partnership . He sent a letter back with me to Curtis, inviting him to be an honored guest at the Birthday celebration of Hauchac, in Jan.   Since it was close to Christmas, I took a lot of small gifts for the children. I took these to the kindergarten in Huachac, the school at Antapampa, and the two schools in Marcatuna. I told them the Christmas story using some visuals and coloring sheets. 
The ladies met three times this week and I was able to share the Bible study for them, at the end of the week I purchased the items they had made for ladies here who had purchased them. This is a great way to help these ladies provided for their families. On the last day of their meetings, I prepared a “South Ga.” Meal for them. Pot Roast with carrots, onions, and potatoes. It really turned out good and they even asked for my recipe. Wow, that has never happened before.
I presented a power point presentation to the Students at the Santa Rosa School and another one to their parents about the youth camp we are planning for next year. I also made arrangements for eye clinics, VBS and other work to be done in Marcatuna in April. I was able to purchase a stove, and gas tank, water heater, bathroom fixtures and other supplies for our house. I hired a man to do the work on the bathroom. I also took my facepaints and every day after school till dark, I had a great time, with the children on the square. 
Returning to Lima we were asked to stop by Pastor Reuben’s (Christ to the Nations Church)home for dinner. He speaks very good English, and it was nice to be able to spend time with him.
I also had the opportunity to stay with a friend I had met on a previous trip. Staying with her family was different and amazing. I also stayed at her home when I returned to Lima and her father took me to the airport the next morning. It was a welcome change to staying in a motel . If I had not been by myself, I would not have been able to take her up on her hospitality. Thank you Jesus!!

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