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Friday, May 24, 2019
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(j) 2012 April Mission Trip

Mission Trip March 31- April 8,  2012 
Barbara Waldron, Chandra Jones, Louie Williford, Chip Carroll, Wayne Chism, Clay Daughtry
We arrived in Lima early in the morning, so we had Raul and Javier pick us up at the airport and we traveled on to Huachac.  It was a long hard trip, but no got sick and we recovered from the jet lag fairly quickly.  We had taken glasses for eye clinics in Marcatuna.  Chip and Louie  handled the eye clinics and did a great job.  They were even given the title of "Doctor".  We can share so many moving stories of how people who come in not being able to see and leave with no assistance, reading the Word of God.  Wayne made sure everyone receiving glasses also recieved a Bible.  Several clinics were held and hundreds of glasses were given away.  We also had Bible school at the Marcatuna schools.  At the kindergarten we told the Easter story and had the first ever easter egg hunt.  At the primary school the children performed for us and we told the easter story using coloring sheets.  Lowes had given firetruck kits, complete with everything to make the wooden truck.  It was quite a task but they all completed their firetrucks and were so proud.  At the Antapampa School after the Easter Story, we played soccer, volleyball, sang and played other games.  We presented them with Christian dvd's for their classrooms. We also painted two maps of South America on the walls of the school and community center.  We also had the opportunity to give a gas stove top and gas tank to the community kitchen in Marcatuna.  The ladies were cooking over an open fire, this will greatly help and the mayor agreed to make sure they would always have a full tank of gas.  We showed the movie Courageous in Huachac and in Marcatuna, the people were very moved by the film.  We met with the ladies Bible Study and knitting group  and one day they prepared pachamanga .  It was a great day, sharing testimonies, singing, and eating together and oh yes, volleyball.  It was a really good time to connect with the husbands.  We also took school photos of the children in the Marcatuna schools.  We presented a projector and dvd player to the Santa Rosa School and also shared with the students about the youth camp that would take place in July.  On this trip we met Luci, Rolando's girlfriend and her daughter, Rebecca.  On Thursday night Rolando  and Luci wanted to share something with us.  Great news, They wanted to get married and wanted our Pastor to perform the ceremony on the next trip to Peru.  I was asked to be God mother for Rolando.  They wanted our thoughts about the age difference between them, and also Luci had grown up as a Pastors daughter and worked with children in the ministry all her life.  They are so perfect for each other.  They also shared that this trip was for her  to see how she and Rebecca liked Huachac.  The peopple of Huachac made them feel so welcomed and part of the community that they love it.  So because of that, they had decided to move to Huachac to live and Pastor the new church work there.  Gloria Dios!!!  Plans are to ordain him as Pastor in July and have a Christian Wedding ceremony. (They will be married this month in a civil ceremony )

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